A New Community Woodland for Dingwall

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A new Community Woodland for Dingwall

We think there is a great opportunity to create a Community Woodland next to Dingwall and we’ve made a short film and questionnaire to introduce the idea.

The map below shows the field we’re considering planting. The field sits above the houses on the south west side of the town. The field covers 25 acres, and we think there’s scope to plant roughly 15 acres in a way that’s visually attractive and leaves plenty of space between the woodland and nearby houses.
We’d like to plant native broadleaf species to make an attractive, wildlife rich woodland with the potential to store lots of carbon. This means planting trees like oak, birch, rowan, and gean as well as shrubs like hawthorn, hazel and holly.

Woodland Plot Map

If the community agrees this is a good idea, we can include other things, such as orchards and wildlife ponds. There is also scope to include paths and seating areas for people to enjoy.

At the moment we don’t really have a fixed idea of what community involvement would look like. It could be a woodland that’s managed directly by the farm with some input from the community. It could be managed much more directly by the community, or perhaps, with time, it could be fully community owned. That’s up to you. We’d like local people to tell us what you think.

If you’re from Dingwall and the local area, please watch the video and click on the survey found directly below this video and tell us what you think. If you’d like further information please email us at dingwallcommunitywood@gmail.com

Local Resident Questionnaire